Little Tikes – “Crash” (:60) Dir. Brian Lipko

Before you see the commercials during Super Bowl XLVI tonight, check out a 60-second spec commercial I did for Little Tikes entitled “Crash”. This is a spec commercial, not intended for sale or resale, not affiliated with Little Tikes™.



What the heck is a spec commercial?

A spec commercial is like a demo reel for producers and directors who want to break into the advertising industry. Commercial directors have to apply directly to ad agencies with their work to get hired. But until you’ve made a commercial, no one’s going to hire you to film one. So as a director you’ve got to finance your own spec to show ad agencies. These specs should look as close to real commercials as possible, and can even feature real brands and products. They’ll never air on television, but the best spec commercials should be just like the real thing. In recent years, however, many spec commercials have turned up as viral videos on the Internet. Many directors make their specs edgy and unairable to catch the attention of ad agencies.


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